Personal Work
Personal work
Uruk War chief (Shadow of Mordor)
Easterling Chieftain (Project Hydra)
Personal work
Personal work
Personal work
Hirgron & Eryn (Shadow of Mordor)
Personal work
Fire Shadow Demon (LOTR War in the North)
VFX Concept (Gaurdians of Middle Earth)
Withered Heath Bird of Prey (Project Hydra)
Night Maiden (Project Dark Abyss)
Easterling Worm (Project Hydra)
Carn Dum Warrior (LOTR War in the North)
Personal work
VFX concept (Shadow of Mordor)
Juvenile Dragon (Project Hydra)
Carn Dum exploration (LOTR War in the North)
Gundabad interior roughs (LOTR War in the North)
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