Personal Work
Personal work
Uruk War Chief. Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor
Easterling Chieftain. Project Hydra
Personal work
Personal work
Personal work
Hirgron & Eryn (Shadow of Mordor)
Personal work
Fire Shadow Demon. LOTR: War in the North
VFX Concept. Guardians of Middle Earth
Withered Heath Bird of Prey. Project Hydra
Night Maiden. Project Dark Abyss
Easterling Worm. Project Hydra
Carn Dum Warrior. LOTR: War in the North
Personal work
VFX concept. Shadow of Mordor
Juvenile Dragon. Project Hydra
Carn Dum exploration. LOTR: War in the North
Gundabad interior roughs. LOTR: War in the North
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